Here at Wollongong Outdoor Cinema Hire we setup our Sunset Cinema Party because we realised there was a gap in parties for teens. I kept hearing of so many kids who were doing the same party over and over. Parents were paying a significant price for the same party and kids were starting to want something new and exciting. We not only aim at parties for kids but provide our services to adults too for a good old movie night. 


With our Sunset Cinema Party we provide the setup, you provide the movie. 

Hosting a Sunset Cinema Party will be sure to be a hit amongst your guests.

Hire is strictly for backyard parties with family and close friends, anything bigger you will require a licence which you can purchase through roadshow films 

Sunset Cinema Party prices do not include gaming consoles like our gaming parties. 

Packages include:

2.5 meter inflatable screen 

BenQ 3300 lumens projector 

Blue Ray DVD player 

Yamaha quality sound bar  

Outdoor rug 

10 chairs


Lightening AV cable - Which converts anything from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen, including Foxtel Now - You must have your own account. You can also watch Netflix or Stan given you have an account.

You can also rent movies through iTunes so no more skipping movie discs!

I find this the easiest way to watch movies. 

Sunset Cinema Party hire by Wollongong Outdoor Cinema Hire stands out from the rest, with quality items but the most competitive prices. 

Monday - Thursday $270

Friday - Saturday $290 

- 1 night hire